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8:21 pm - 28/12/2011

Here is the full story that I did hair and make up for, out now in Costume Dk.

You can also read about me on the contribution side.

Photography: Louise Damgaard

Hair and Make up: Linda Andersson

Model: Billie @ Select Models

9:19 am - 27/12/2011

Hope you guys have had a lovely christmas! Here is some tips for festive New Years nails.

My sister Louise ( Interior designer living in Oslo, read her blog here ) got this amazing nail polish from Deborah Lippmann from our brother for Christmas. Emelie, my other sister on the picture, loved it too and painted her nails for her night out on Christmas Day. She used it on its own but you could also paint it over any colour. If you are lucky you can get it from NK in Stockholm, but apparently it’s very popular and sold out really quickly.

Deborah Lippmann is based in NYC and works as a manicurist on editorials and is very popular in the celebrity world. When she mixed a colour for Mariah Carey to match her dress for the Academy Awards in 1998 the idea of her own collection was born.

Another really cool manicurist is Sophy Robson that is based in London, she opened her own salon on Kings Road earlier this year. A tips for New Years is to go for the Minx nail. Check her work out here.

5:30 pm - 23/12/2011

I am back in Varberg, my hometown in Sweden. Been running around for some last christmas gifts. My mum showed me the new spa/beauty shop ‘ Visage & Ms ‘ and in there they had these great candles called Klinta, which is a massage aroma candle. This is a ecological candle made from palm oil and soy wax the fragrance comes from essential oils and pet-friendly fragrance oils. The oils and soya wax means that when it is burning you can dip your fingers in it and use as a massage oil. Very clever. It comes in lots of different fragrances, everything from Vanilla and Chili to Tomato and Black currant and prices starts from £ 6 for a small one to £ 17 for a big one.

9:36 pm - 21/12/2011

I didn’t know until yesterday that Pat McGrath designed the look to Rooney Maara as Lisbeth Salander in the american version of  ’The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’. The little I have seen she has done a mega job, very much what I imagine Lisbeth to look like when I read the book. Kari Molvar interviewed Pat about the film for read it here.

Now I am back to packing, going to Sweden for Xmas tomorrow early early morning.

7:49 am - 21/12/2011

A make up remover to recommend, great for winter time when skin goes dry. Apply on dry skin, massage the face and eyes, add water and the creme texture will go milky/ foamy, massage the face a bit more and then rinse the face with water.

I am now off to my last shot day of the year.

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