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‘Christmas Gifts’
11:13 pm - 17/12/2012

I’m a bit crazy busy this week, seems like everyone needs to shoot before christmas. Which is good for me but I might not have time to update the blog as much this week. Here is my favorite candle at the moment, smells just like Christmas. Great gift!

11:39 pm - 04/12/2012

I got this mini brush kit from a make up event that I went to ages ago in the  Becca store. I haven’t used them that much until now. I absolutely love them. Perfect little tool kit to have in your personal make up bag, it comes with every brush you need, one for blusher, foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner and lip/concealer. Great xmas gift for everyone that loves make up. The price is £ 65.

Another favorite of mine is Revlon’s foundation brush. It’s a staple piece in my make up kit. The short handle makes it a great brush to have in your personal make up kit. I can also recommend the concealer, eyeshadow and eyeliner brushes, they’re amazing. This is a great xmas gift for a person on a smaller budget, the price starts from £ 3.99.

9:00 am - 19/11/2012

How cool is this cover ? MEGA

So looking forward to her book! Great Xmas gift.

9:00 am - 06/11/2012

Two favorites at the moment.

1) Tommy Guns Pomegranate and Orange Flower Shampoo.

Creamy and smells heavenly. For all hair types and great for every day use. The price is £ 5.50

2) Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash

Delicious sent of Rose Otto oil, which has a stress relieving and harmonizing effect. Its free from all rubbish too like petrochemicals sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance and synthetic colours. It’s yours for £ 17. Perfect xmas present.

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