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12:51 pm - 12/12/2011

Last Thursday after finish shooting was like a make up event marathon. A lot of fun.

I haven’t had time to blog about it until now so here we go.

First stop was at Kiehl’s in Covent Garden. They presented their new products, Rosa Arctica and Midnight Recovery Eye that you can find in store now. Magic Elixir and Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution are two new products that are out in February/March next year.  We got to choose 3 products and one of the ones I took was Rosa Arctica, so will report back on how it is working.

Next stop was the Becca store in South Kensington. Their event was more like a christmas party where you could have your make up done and drink champagne, nibble on spring rolls, chicken skewers and cupcakes. Got these lovely products in my goodie bag. Love the brushes!

The evening finished with cocktails at the party for the launch of MAC + Gareth Pugh collection.

Thank you Kiehl’s, Becca Cosmetics and MAC for a brilliant evening.


10:48 am - 05/09/2009
Review time!!
This time for body lotions/ body creme’s. The autumn and winter is on its way and I am looking for a creamy and yummy smelling moisturizer for my dry skin. I have tried these so far…

Great all-over moisturizer for a dry or very dry skin. I have used it on photo shoots and it great for giving a nice shine to the skin. It is fragrance free, which is good if you don’t want it to interfere with your perfume. Picture top.

Yummy Yummy smelling body creme for a dry or very dry skin. Also great for photo shoots, models alway love the smell and gives great shine to the skin. For daily use it is some times to rich, I found that I like it best after a shower/bath in the evening (like a treatment) cause if you want to put clothes on straight away it normally hasn’t had time to probably soak in to the skin, so a great evening body creme!

I was so exited to try their products out, cause I really love the hole organic thing and I heard so many good things about the company. Anyway.. this body lotion is a light moisturizer for I would say dry to normal skin. It has aloe, rose hip, rose and vitamin C in it, which is all great. On the bottle it says lightly fragranced…OMG it is so strong, even my boyfriend was like:
-What is that smell???
And that is why it is under bad, it’s TO strong fragranced, it totally over powers everything else (your perfume, the room you are in ect..) Sorry The Organic Pharmacy…I didn’t like it at all and I did try a couple of times, but will try some of your other products and hopefully they will suite me better.

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