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‘Self tanning’
10:59 pm - 19/05/2011
So its time to get your legs out and I have tried a couple off fake tan products. I don’t tan very well and even if it is really cool to be pale I quite often don’t like my white legs but don’t want to be orange just a warmer ton really. I tried these two:
Clinique Body Airbrush Spray:
I never really got a result cause I couldn’t work the spray, so can’t judge the tan. But the spray button was just hard to push and in a bad angle. Just gave up. So a NO from me.
ST. TROPEZ Bronzing Mousse: 
Didn’t think I would like this product, thought it might have been to dark color for me and make it uneven. But I really loved it. Its easy to apply cause you can see the tinted mousse go on. It dries quickly. I didn’t have the mitt to apply with, so had to wash my hand quickly after so they didn’t tan too. But will buy the mitt application glove for a even easier apply. 
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