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5:06 pm - 17/04/2012

New products in the kit!

First up: Super duper good pigment from Giorgio Armani’s “Eyes to Kill” eyeshadow.

How to wear it: The eyeshadow on the eyelid, black or dark navy eye pencil inside the eye and lots of mascara.

Got these 2 shades from Sisley Paris when I went to their amazing champagne afternoon tea a couple of weeks ago.

A deep red nr L33 and a hot pink nr L31 both are long lasting.

How to wear it: Minimum foundation with highlighted cheekbones, a bit of mascara and a strong lip.


8:31 am - 01/07/2011

Freebees from the Sisley Event yesterday.

I am really excited about the lip balm, seen a lot of people using that on the shows.

1:36 pm - 15/10/2010

I used Sisley Eyebrow Pencil for the first time yesterday on a job and I can really recommend them. The model had sort of a half eyebrow and the dark shade was a perfect match, the result was very natural. The pencil is really thin and a perfect powdery feel to it. Great product!

5:28 pm - 24/06/2010

Went to Sisley’s make up artist event today and was introduced to the new make up range for autumn 2010. One off the new products to come is a eyebrow pencil in color cappuccino that looks very nice. Really liked the soft eyeliner pencils and was given the new color dark amethyst which has a glittering effect. Got a lipstick in a dark purply color and I am so impressed with the design of the actual lipstick, look below on the picture. It feels very luxurious. Looking forward to try these products at work.
7:25 pm - 10/06/2010

I love this creamy mousse cleanser/ make up remover from Sisley. So easy to use and take off all make up in a second without leaving skin feeling dry.
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